And so it begins

This year, I am in fact doing ScriptFrenzy. Only I'm doing it as my brother's writing partner.
See he has this idea called Coconut Island that he was trying to turn into a novel, but I have always told him it should be a graphic novel. And I also advised he use ScriptFrenzy to accomplish said graphic novel.

But I got to thinking and now I'm helping him write it. He's in charge of coming up with it all, and I have my input as well. He'll come up with what we're writing and then we'll get it all down. We did that this morning and I found it worked rather well, in spite of (or perhaps because of), my semi-comatose state.

Anyway, we have nine pages, and I'm on ScriptFrenzy as AravisGirl and he is Corin_ThunderFist. I drew his profile picture. Rather snazzy, huh?


  1. That is an awesome profile picture! :)

    I thought about doing ScriptFest, but then the idea of writing something that was nearly all dialogue made me poop my pants a little.

    I think I'll have to sit this one out this year.

    I'm working on my second book instead, hoping to get it scribbled out in the next two months.

    Good luck with ScriptFest though! Make sure you post some more about it!

  2. Ooh, good luck with Script Frenzy. I have never done it, but considered it this year. I just have too many projects that need wrapped up before I start something else. Keep us posted on your progress. :D

  3. Great profile pic! I'm doing SriptFrenzy this year too. Only because I happened to be starting a script when I found out about it. Good luck!


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