April 5th

So my brother an I supposedly have 19 pages. I'm not so sure about that, but if he says that each line is a page then...

We have short pages.

Anyway, I finally talked him out having the protagonist and SC swallowed alive by an elephant. And a gory scene where tigers kill a baby elephant. Pheww! I was Not looking forward to writing that.

But instead now, we have a scene where the MC falls into a fungi pit and meets the SC there. Okay, that works for me. It IS his story after all, and a conceivable idea.

However, I am still working on my own projects. That is, S.T. and another story called Meredith that gave me writer's cramp last night. I now remember why I like writing on the computer so much better thanks to Mer.

I need to get more sleep. But not for now. Right now, I believe I has a heart-wrenching explanation by my MC to write for S.T.

P.S. I have had my suspicions confirmed about scripts. It's a lot like writing an outline--very dry. I hate writing outlines. Synopses and outlines are my bane.

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  1. I thought I wouldn't like scriptwriting very much, and avoided it during all of my writing courses in college. My senior year I finally took a script writing course, and I loved it. I wrote 5 ten minute plays throughout the semester and got to read quite a few really interesting plays as well. We were also required to go see plays, which was a lot of fun. I thought it would be more like writing for television or screen, but my professor wanted us to appreciate it scriptwriting in its most natural form. It was fun. I haven't written a script since, though.

    I hope you get lots of writing done. :)


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