Letting Go

I was working on a story named "S.T." for now. And I've been working on it for awhile now. This would be my third or fourth draft actually. It's one of the few stories I believe I mostly finished before I moved onto the rewrite or something else. Anyway, I wrote about 11 pages on the computer and this incredible thing happened-- I wanted my mom to read it. And then I ave it to my dad. Drew the line at my brother (he the caricature of the dorky obnoxious teenage boy) though. So it's obvious my story had entered the stage where I was able to share it with the outside world. And my parents really liked it. My dad even said that he knew I had the dedication to be a writer but now he knew I had the talent (*internal teary-eyes*).
Anyway I was glad I let them read it. I had let go of the story, having put what I had into it.
The one downer is now they want me to finish it!

P.S. Also I was not a nervous wreck about it, as i have been before. Could it be I'm more confident? 0_o


  1. Finishing is always the hardest part... all those edits and revisions! But keep at it and don't give up. Writing is hard work and you just have to do your job (write). Good luck to you!

  2. It is really difficult for a lot of writers to reach that stage, where they are ready to share their work. I'm so excited for you that you were ready to show off something you created to your family! That is awesome. You are gaining more confidence and reaching that exciting stage in writing where you trust your flare with words enough to want others to see what you can do! YAY!!


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