Magic (of Writing) clashes with Reality (of Writing)

Note the clarification in title.
So I hit 50K yesterday. I was all like "Whoop, Whoop!" But then I remembered with a good amount of zeal I still had 10K+ to go before my story was actually over. No problem there, right? Still got 5 days left for NaNoWriMo. Heck, I wrote an extra 1,000 words yesterday even.
Then I woke up this morning. I tell you, that was hard. I used to ignore every excuse in the book, but this morning I had new leverage to get more sleep.
So I told myself, "No, you're not really at 50K. You might as well be at 40K." That seemed to help, but my sister's intrusion was the ultimate motivation. Told her to make me a coffee and she... That's another story.
So I put up the winner's icon and all, but I'll see you the 30th at 60K. And ordering my free proof copy (teehee)

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