48K (plus rant)

That's my count: 48K. Only 2,000 little words from winning. I still have 12,000 to go overall, but still. It's euphoria being so close to winning. And that brings to mind the age-old question: What do you win? (!!!!!) That is a dumbfounding question to me. What we win is a sense of superiority over everyone who asks. Plus a manuscript. We win that too. Plus the certificate. But that;s the best thing. Freaking people out. Awe-inspiring them with the sheer creative ability you possess. And they are faced with their own inferiority in a way that they feel unqualified to question any of your strange tendencies. Of course, there's always the chance they'll be like "Oh, I could do that if I wanted."
Which is why I am looking forward to my free proof copy.

And that brings to mind another age-old quote when you say you are a writer: "Have you published anything?"
I hate that question. It's like you can't really be a writer if you aren't in print and on the shelf of Barnes & Nobles. Which is why Nanowrimo is also great. Because they don't question your status as an author.

I'm not sure this rant was coherent. But I hope you understood it.


  1. I hate that question! It's like asking someone how much money he or she makes at his or her job. I mean, I suppose it's valid question, but still. And the positive way to look at it would be that perhaps they're asking because they'd like to go pick up your book if indeed you do have a book out there somewhere. But yes, I definitely feel your frustration about that. And congrats on being almost done! What a crazy month, huh?

  2. Writing makes you a writer. Publishing just makes you a... published writer.

    I'm excited about the free proof copy, too! Though the idea of getting my book printed made writing harder in the beginning. Too much pressure!


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