I Finished My Novel... Now What?

I painfully typed those last words. It all came so suddenly. Much more so than I ever anticipated. But my novel is now weighing in as a completed manuscript. Huge gaps in the shoddily constructed plot, but it's over.
*Looking Around* Now What?
The only answer in my mind is "Write a sequel."
Not "Go back and Edit"
No, "Write a Sequel"
Granted this sequel has been nagging ever since Ria became a main character, but still- So Soon?
"You know you want to write it."
And I do.
So I guess I better put together a mock title like "Title Page Two."

P.S. I have decided to put my ending here.

Annelie breezed down the road south. She’d stopped at the hotel, got her stuff, checked out, and got on the road she was now. The dawn was coming, illuminating the wide road that was ahead of her, and the city was quickly falling behind her.
She would see where it took her. That was all anyone could do. The title page of her life turned, and the story began.


  1. It's probably good not to go back and edit right away, anyway. And a sequel sounds like fun!

    Although perhaps Title Page: The Prelude or something to signify the next chapter in the story might be a more meaningful title after that ending paragraph.

    I'm being annoying. I'll stop that now.

  2. I agree with Shea. Maybe waiting a little before editing is better. You'll have a fresher mind and be able to edit better.


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