Distancing Myself & the Evolution of a Story.

So I've finished the first draft of my novel. I now have to emotionally detach myself so I can make painful edits need be.
So I'm writing something else. Or rather, transcribing it mostly. At least on the computer. It's called The Restored. And I'd like to talk about it right now.
The Restored was originally a tale of two half-sisters/cousins cast into the world of their mothers. They are connected to our world via a chat window on a laptop. It was then changed into cousins, then second cousins. It also went through phases of character details.

  • was orginally a nerdy, half-human, reclusive girl
  • then she became a future Queen
  • I made her father a horrible man
  • and I gave her a stutter and made her more run-of-the-mill
  • then I made her a nineteen year old pregnant widow
  • then I nixed the pregnancy. I used that in another story.
  • I got rid of the father. She was now completely woyd.
  • After a couple rewrites, Em became a boy named Will.
  • And I replaced the gold necklace with golden hair as the birthright somewhere in there
  • There is now another character named Emerelda, a half-human girl who lives in Macia.
  • Worth noting, I kept the stutter, though it's not as bad.
  • Was orginally a loose teen who was destroying herself.
  • I made her a more grounded teen
  • At the same time, I made her blind
  • I then wondered why she was blind
  • I worked on that for a couple versions, but eventually I discovered she was the Justice of Tayrrhea and all Macia
  • And I changed her name from Lindsaiana to Lindsaille
  • Made her actaully born in Macia
  • Has alway been a centuar
  • I changed her name to Cherapha bc I had another character named Alyssa caleld Aly.
There is other stuff I changed to, but these are the most interesting evolutions to me. I am now dealing with a twenty-one year old blind woman and an eighteen year old boy. They are second cousins. And this feels Right. I have finally understood what was going on.


  1. First of all, congratulations on winning NaNoWriMo!
    I find this character evolution fascinating. Do you find your characters evolve based on story needs?

  2. Sometimes it's story needs.
    They change, I think, as I get to know them better. When two characters have something outstanding in common, I try to figure out which story that fits better in. Then I change the other character.


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