I'll admit it, I sort of have a thing for A.I. characters.
JARVIS from the Iron Man movies, Astro from AstroBoy, Victor Mancha from Runaways. They're all my favorite characters from those titles*. And don't get me started on WALL-E.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to Iron Man 3 next week and the Avengers AI comic coming out in July.
Die, Ultron-bot, die!
(Also, Victor's totally sporting a metal arm. I almost didn't recognize him.)

I really need to give Duffy (my android character in Resident) a bigger role. I accidently wrote her out with my latest revision. We're gonna have to fix that.

Anyway, today I'm gonna fool around with our busted scanner, see if I can get it half-working, cause I really want to be able to post my panels and concept art. I have a sad robot in particular that would work well with this post.

*Victor is tied with Molly Hayes. 'Cause she's adorable and awesome.

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