Beatnik Rutabagas

I just finished reading Beatnik Rutabagas from Beyond the Stars by Quentin Dodd. Again. I've probably read it, oh say, about two dozen times already.

It's a really funny book. Dodd has a comical way of writing that I love. The voices behind his characters are great.
I haven't read it in awhile and when I did this time, I really paid attention to how he wrote (where he put the adverbs, etc.).

He's probably my fourth favorite writer, after Caroline B. Cooney, C.S. Lewis, and Margaret Peterson Haddix.

But back to the book, Walter is a boy who has rented the most sci-fi movies on Earth. This doesn't seem to like much of an accomplishment to anyone but the Lirgonians--who recruit him to be their general in their war against the Wotwots. And the Wotwots recruit Yselle Meridian, who watches sci-fi movies with him, to be their general.
The war between the Wotwots and the Lirgonians isn't much of one. Each armada has a fleet of one, and they're in it for the gloating rights of beating the other.

And then they run into eachother and get their spaceships stolen by Space Mice from Galaxy Four, mysterious little blue creatures who take all sorts of junk from all over the universe. Not to give the rest of it away, but there is a plot to take over the universe they have to stop.

It's worth a read.

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  1. That does sound like a fun read! :) I'll have to look for it. My daughter would probably enjoy it as well.



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