Space Trilogy & Current Status

I just finished reading the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis. I really enjoyed Out of the Silent Planet, and Perelandra was breath-taking and insightful. That Hideous Strength was hard to read and I felt it was something of a departure from the other books. By itself, it was a complex and interesting yarn. The character Ransom was great. In fact the only thing I didn't like about That Hideous Strength was that I kept waiting for Ransom to show up. And when he did, a lot of time was still spent on N.I.C.E. and Mark (by the way, I keep wanting to say N.I.C.E. like the the town in France, not the adjective).

But I started reading the first two over again. I told my brother he should read Out of the Silent Planet, because Ransom reminded me a little of his own character. I don't know if he will though.

I did write down a couple of story ideas I had been pondering. The first one has been in my mind for over a year. It's about a girl who can shape-shift into a dog, and infiltrates a supervillian's home by posing as a pet. The other is a little more recent. It's about a greyscale world where a few precious things are in color. I haven't gotten much farther than that though because my mom wants me to "rejoin" the world or something. If I hadn't gotten the fine off my library card so I could get books, I might have gone insane by now. Reality is too prosaic for me. I kind of feel like Belle in Beauty & the Beast in that way.

And I have to write an end of the year paper for school. I decided to write about C. S. Lewis. I started working on it today, but my brain kept shutting down on me, unfortunately.

After I write this paper, school will be over for me, thank heaven. I'm still sticking to my goal of finishing The Restored by the end of it, even though I haven't done any work on it for nearly two weeks, compliments of my mother. (Yes, I'm venting. There.)


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