Politics in Writing?

In light of the occasion, I thought I'd discuss politics in writing.

Should we put them in our writing unless it's clearly a political book? Or even at all?
Well, I know I do.
Title Page will hopefully eventually become a controversial look at the practices of the FDA and medical industry.
Across the Stars is more of a look into government corruption. And then, Identity Crisis has a political tone about corporate crime, etc.
In fact, a lot of political messages probably find their way into my stories since I have have such strong, controversial ones (in other words, I thought Ron Paul ROCKED). I should have been a man around 1790 in my views in how government should be. So... It's kind of inevitable, especially since no one's going to discuss them with a hot-headed fifteen year old. Gotta vent somewhere and save my poor family.


  1. There are certainly a lot of issues with the way the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry in general work. I work for a contract research organization for my day job, so I know a little more than the average joe about the inner workings of the industry. It's pretty crazy, but there's no easy fix either.

    As for bringing our own views into our writing, I think it's kind of inevitable, isn't it? Our writing is bound to reflect who we are to some extent, whether it's an evident part of our personality or not. That's my two cents anyway. :-)

  2. Very true.
    Interesting job... Thanks for your 2 cents :D


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