Across the Stars

So I wrote Across the Stars for Nano in 2007. Finished lacking contractions and generally with every kind of word I thought I could separate, separated, but I got 50K and I proved to myself I could do it. It is worth mentioning I finished several days early. But anyway, I haven't really looked at it since then.

Now I am editing it, largely on the motivation of a free proof copy which it has to be ready for in only a couple of months.

I've made good progress, I think. I opened a file for revision and have worked two days on it, this being my third.

I am, however, having issues with the storyline, or rather the fact that I started out without one. And they one that follows is rather unclear... Just a look into my fourteen year old pysche explaining/excusing a character who turned into an intergalactic assassin as a sort of public avenger. I'm not sure why I felt the need to.

I have art posted along the sides. The first is the working cover, which I plan to modify, the next is of Midia Dezsenee, whose spirit and soul are tragically crushed so that she is 'heartbroken.'
I also have one of Hannah, who is the driving protagonist in all of this (I could have written it form her POV and it still be good; Midia, not so much). I need to redraw Hannah, so I won't post the picture. I did get a deviantArt as QueenAravis, so you can come look at that if you want.

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