I haven't had the time to blog lately... Did I mention my mom was being stingy about computer time? No? Well, she is. All of two hours to pound out fiction and blog seriously about it? Hah!

Anyway, I've migrated back to my superhero stories. I wrote Miki before... I think I got to almost fourth draft/version of it actually. Skipped what was supposed to be the second book, Maddie, and then got to work on Ruth, a story which has always pulled my attention away from Maddie and finishing Miki where it should be.

The idea is that, about three years after when the book Maddie occurs, Lorrie Mehlan's* niece, Ruth Barynes comes to live with her as her mother has died several years before and all she has left is an abusive stepfather, her real (superhero) father having died years before (years after her parents' divorce).

Now, Ruth's not supposed to be able to have powers. Her father's exposure to the radiation that eventually led to his death through cancer was supposed to have inhibited that. So therefore, she was never told anything about this until she was nearly seventeen and Lorrie did so.

Anyway, the doctors were wrong of course. I think they are a lot, so it's not a hard stretch for me to say that. Ruth does in fact have powers. Huge, enormous powers in their potential. But that's okay. She's pretty decent and Lorrie's helping her learn how to use them once Ruth tells her (that is, she waits to after she realizes she has them).

But there's another threat lurking, waiting to strike....

*****SPOILER ALERT******

And it's Ruth's own sister, who ranaway when Ruth was eleven. She's mad at the world, gone pyschotic, with the resources and power capacity to strike out at superheroes and everyone else.
Rachel really gets to me, which I always enjoy in a villian. Especially supervillains.

*****SPOILER OVER******

*Now, from the previous stories, you automatically know that Lorrie is a Mission Deployer for the ISA (International Superhero Affiliation.... kind of corny, but it was what popped in my head).
Lorrie's superpower makes her especially adept for the job, as she never sleeps, having an unlimited amount of energy. Of course, I still say it as not everyone reads the previous books in a series.

Anyway, I've been working on this story instead of the ones I should be; I am comfortable with my oddities now, as I have an entire novel to qualify me as a writer, even if it's not published... I really need that proof copy. Anyway, soon the only people who will mock my insanity are my siblings, and that's really kind of their jobs, even if they're the real whack jobs.

Year 16 (I turn 16 in March) is promising! And I'm coping with my cynicism. Searching out exceptions in the world has helped. So I sound unusually optimistic right now. It's a high. I'll come back down to earth, but what can I say? I was born to fly!


  1. Anonymous12/1/09 14:34

    I think you're headed directly for a luminous career in the creative arts. Don't stop plunging into that fantastic imagination of yours! :)


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