Got in zip writing yesterday, but I did draw a pretty sketch and read Jane Eyre in its entirety.
Printed out my novel Christmas Eve, and I was right about it giving the hands-on feel I need to edit it w/out having to retype the entire thing.
I can't type anymore, it would seem. My fingers feel so clumsy. It might be because I'm not looking at the keyboard most of the time unless I make myself. I guess that means I'm doing better, but I still can't help but think of that mess I once typed out on the electric typewriter. On binder paper no less. That was actually the first draft on The Exiled. It was so different then!
Well, I should get to writing.

P.S. It was a good thing St. John Rivers was a SuperChristian, or he would have been a horrible person indeed. I always want to throw the book across the room when he tries to get Jane to marry him. I really think, Calvinist or not, his behavior was inexcusable. Telling her that God made her for labour, not love? Beastly!

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  1. I *love* Jane Eyre.. I'm reading Charles Dickens 'Hard Times' right now.. I'd tell you what I think, but I've only just begun.

    I agree on the editing.. I can't imagine trying to edit my novel on the computer screen! Gah!


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