Research or Not to Research

Researching is one of those things that I personally love. I find it addictive. I can never stare at a Wiki entry long enough.
But it can be annoying.
I know this.
So I use it sparingly.
But just how sparingly?
I dunno. I use intuition in my stories. I'm actually pretty good at writing stuff which I later find to be pretty darn similar to the facts.
This use to scare me, but now I know it is just my characters telling me.
Of course, they don't usually put it in a way that I can write authoritatively.
Just my thoughts. Got to get back to Nanoing!

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  1. Anonymous7/11/08 11:24

    Hi, this is elizawhat from Twitter! I only research if I absolutely have to, like if it's something I don't know a lot about. My characters usually point me in the right direction, though.

    For example, the story I posted on my blog today has some Star Trek trivia. I am far from a Trekkie; I avoid the show at all costs. So I Googled "Star Trek facts" and called it a day. :D

    Good luck on NaNo, you're doing great!


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