Nano & My Characters

I'm on NaNoWriMo.org which is a one-month novelling challenge. I did it last year and won win a sf called Across the Stars (which I learned only yesterday was a song from Star Wars. Oh well)
Anyway I signed up for this CreateSpace site which offers self-publishing on Amazon.com and honestly feel pretty stressed about it. I did it mostly for the proof copy, but I think I may go ahead and self-publish at least this book. Trouble there is that it isn't anywhere near done. Oh well...

Now we get to this year. I still need my actual plot. Not sure if I'll have one in time. I got a good idea though, but I have to left off quite abruptly in my outlines, causing for a story crisis that tempts me to change my story to an easier one. But I shall rise to the challenge and conquer. I think my protagonist has issues with my going around with other characters. Very much a tentative union. I tell her she's failed to capture my mind, she replies that she need someone who'll stick to her alone and not go on flings with my other characters.

Have I scared you off yet? If not, then I like you. Chances are, you even understand what I'm talking about. The creation of a story. Put into relationship metaphors. Lately, my characters are more and more real and independent from me. And since I started this blog to talk straight, instead of them just invading me they are now invading my world. I can just barely not see them. And the conversations we have! All of them demanding my attention. My focus. All thirty+ of them (and honestly, I don't know the real numbers, but there's someone new up to twice a week. Sometimes more. A lot are forgotten)

You may be gone by now. I don't blame you. A lot of people like my stories but don't want to understand how they come into being. They just annoy me about publishing them.

Off now, SD

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