Rules, Essays, and Expectations

I have a paper to write. An Essay. I hate that word. Essays have no muse. I needs muses to write. And "muse" is that person who literally lives in my head telling me what in the world to write. But when it comes to essays they are disturbingly silent.

Well NaNoWriMo has a podcast up and it's about over. Oh well. I still am figuring out what to put into the side module here. It will come soon.

The great thing about this blog is that I have no pressure. I mean, there's like a standard when people know who you are. At least quasi-know. "Nope! Can't write that! Too weird!" The only rules on here are the ones I've set for myself and those are
1) Writerly-related topics only
2) No expletives

Really simple, huh? Oh and I don't plan to directly introduce my family to this blog. My mom likes to lurk my sites to see what I'm up to and I really don't want her to know that I believe I can have actual conversations with my characters or actually BE them. Strike that, I don't believe that, I pretty close to know that. And the fact that I have the back right side of my brain diagrammed into three different worlds in which my characters live probably would go over really well.

But with you, unfortunate reader, there is no "go over" so I can write as I please. YIPPEE!!!!!!
Brings such warmth to my heart, but now I've got to scoot!

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  1. Essay's do indeed have muses! Just read Montaigne or Emerson!

    Don't let yourself succumb to the way things are "supposed" to be written. Write your essay from the heart and in your own voice. Write it as you would a post on this site and you'll find the muse comes drifting in with words of pleasant posey. :)


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