I did in fact manage to finish Nanowrimo just over 50K (yay me!). Since then however I have been experiencing several issues with my right wrist, namely it's more or less strained/busted. Therefore, I have strict (and, unfortunately, well-founded) instructions from my mother to write or draw, at least with that hand. I'm slightly ambidextrous, but I write so much more slowly with my left hand that it's never more than a page or two a day. Sigh. I did make a photo-manipulation for my other blog inspired by a story I can't really work on right now. And I have such great new ideas! I'm writing those down though. Hopefully, my wrist won't be strained like this come Christmas. I was hoping for some fancy pens and ink. Maybe a journal too :D.


  1. I've had wrist problems too, from sitting too long at the computer. There's actually an item you can buy, a wrist brace, which keeps your wrist aligned when typing. Not expensive and worth looking into (check your local drugstore). Worked for me! I hope it gets better soon.

  2. I use those all the time. Especially during Nano. :D And my wrist is feeling better now.


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