I'm Just As Stubborn

I'm sitting here at the computer desk. I've been up three hours and have about three paragraphs to show for it. I'm tired, bored, and uninspired. I know what I want to write in the next chapter, but I've got to get them there first. The writer's block just isn't going away.
Got up to make a new copy and started wondering: Is this story any good? If it is, would anyone ever buy it? I've got other stories I could be working on, so why stick with this series? We both know it'll probably just wind up on a memory stick my sock drawer.

My only answer to this dilemma? I'm passionate. I love these stories and these characters. I can't expect it to be any good on the first try, or even the second. Sure it might be epic fantasy, not very original, and too short; but it's mine. I'll keep writing and resist the urge to open another document. And I just might finish for once.

So I'm still here. And I'm going to get to writing. And I'll pull myself out of this funk I'm stuck in.
Maybe, just maybe, the Chinese chicken leftovers will survive.

See? I'll show the writer's I'm just as mule-headed as it is.
:P S.D.


  1. I've found sometimes we just have to keep going. Even if every word seems a struggle. We have to keep that butt in the chair and type...something. Sometimes telling myself I'm going to delete it all later frees me up to write.

  2. That right! You just keep going. Even if you don't think it's any good, you never know. Your characters might pick up the story in the next chapter, or maybe the next book. Stick with it.


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