I am NOT Romance Material

I must say I'm angry with my sister. She's twelve years old and has developed a fascination with romance stories. She also prefers to create fictitious adaptions of family members as opposed the original (human) characters.
Can you see where this is going?

Yes, my twelve year old sister is writing a Romance about ME! (As a much-older person, from what I gather, but that only makes it worse)
I might be able to forgive her if she was writing, say, an adventure. Yeah, sure, okay. But I find a romance story very intrusive.

This might have something to do with her obsessive-compulsive need to plan in ways that aren't hers to plan. But I draw the line at inventing a future husband for me. And she plans to do a story for our brother as well.

She's not going to let me read the thing either.

I so knew not to answer her questions about what I liked in a guy or kids' names.

This might be a juvenile rant, but I don't know what else to do. My dad won't do anything. He just said, "It's an okay story" (He's read it).

If only my sister was one of those rational people you could sit down and talk things out with :-(


  1. As a writer, I sometimes pity the people in my life, since they are all subject to the whims of my pen. As long as she's fictionalizing it, I wouldn't worry. Plus, the likelihood of a 12-year-old getting a novel published is practically nonexistent, so there's little to fret over in terms of exposure. In a way, it's pretty cool - you inspire her enough that she wants to write an entire character based on you.

  2. True... I guess she just being such a smart-aleck about it I got angry.



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