Time Management? (plus art)

I have no ability to manage my time whatsoever. I have an attention problem, I suppose. I'd rather be mindlessly doodling than doing my English and scribbling down a new story idea than math.
And lately I'd rather be searching for and manipulating photographs than writing my stories.
I swear that deviantArt is the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. I can't stay off of the place. Especially after one of my photographs became a top pic (in the last three days) for its subcategory thingy. Yeah, it's that picture on the left.

I haven't really been blogging on here lately or commenting much, but like I said, my time management is around zip.

Anyway, if you want to look at my art gallery, it's at the bottom of the page (the little SitBack thing).


  1. I had to leave a comment on this because it made me smile. When I was sixteen, I was the same way. I spent entire classes with a secret notebook under my actual work, penning short stories while the teachers were talking, instead of taking notes. Not that I promote such behavior... but when I finally got to college, it was like heaven. Creative writing classes were the highlight of my education, though a lot of the Literature courses were fantastic too... Hang in there. Time management can be difficult when you've got a chatty muse whispering the secrets of the universe in your ear.


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