I watched that TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on recommendation. It was great. Philosophically, I didn't agree with some of the particulars, but totally Understood. It was really nice to be reminded that the story was a collaborative effort. As far as creative genius in itself, I think it's something God created. I don't pretend to understand it. But I do know it's not simple like people try to make it out to be. It's some ineffable thing. It Exists in a way that makes writers and other artists look insane to the plebeians.

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I was trying to explain it to my dad with this new material, but he wasn't understanding. Call it a force, a genii, a whatever, I know there's a complexity here. Unfortunately, he wasn't understanding, just inserting the "Moral of the Story."

I know God gave me Creativity. But could it be possible that Creativity is something in itself? Absolutely. Am I ever going to get anyone to understand that? Probably not.

Dare I say its centered in myself without going mad? I think I'll abstain.


  1. You're very philosophical today, I love it! It's funny sometimes when you think about it, but talking about Time being it's own universe and creativity existing as some sort of entity all on its own got me to thinking about characters. A lot of writers, including myself, talk about hearing their characters' voices, almost like dictation. "Here is my story, tell the world." So in our own way, we act divinely in channeling their stories. Some writers have said they feel like their characters' "God." What if those worlds we created really did exist on some level we are only a .0005% a part of?

  2. I hear my characters voices. This happens most clearly when I'm sitting beside this little gas heater in our bathroom. Sometimes I do feel like I'm playing "God" but most times my character and I are merely arguing over what will happen.

    I t would be cool if they did. I'd say I thought they did, Then people would say: "It's only real in your head." So I was like: "What if it was literally IN my head?" (not really sure about that now though)

    But What IF is the Ultimate Question. (Not sure how 42 fits in :P )

  3. Well, 42 IS the answer to life, the universe and everything. :)

  4. This is a very interesting video. I almost agree with her, except for the source of her inspiration.

    With my friends I joke that I have a muse that tells me what to write, but in truth I see it more as a gift from God. Not just creativity in general, but the idea for each scene and chapter. Every plot twist or bit of inspiration.

    So if the story turns out great then I thank God for giving that to me and if it all seems to go wrong then I try to look for what God is trying to teach me.

    This has worked well for me, though I really can't say it's kept me sane (sanity is over rated anyway ;-) ).

  5. I think creativity can be an inherent talent but it's also something that can fostered by those who are willing to work hard. One thing's sure - it's a lot of fun!


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