About to Embark on Day Two- Completely Random

I am about start writing for Day Two of Nanowrimo.

And last night, I at least begun to find my plot! Still not sure who my antagonist is, but I am beginning to think it has something to do w/ her father. Whether he's alive or dead and an active part remains in the question. But the book on poisons I picked up proved gold. Now I have a hairdresser in on it, hopefully.
Now I need to research the FDA. And MAO antidepressants.

Oh and I love Twitter. I have TwitterFox. It's great. I can stalk everyone with actually needing to open up the webpage. Just the browser.

Today's going to be a Coffee Day. Going on like 5 1/2 hours of sleep from tonight. More like 4 from the night before. just enough to make me slouch and sigh.

Got new wrist braces that are actually good for typing. My other ones were too stiff and my sister made one smell like bad-scented lotion.

Not going to Nano Forums unless I have to. *Yeah, yeah, sure. Only if the site's broken*

Think I can make 5K? I hope so.

My grandparents are coming over though, so I may not getting as much writing time

Also got a mysterious message presumably from my mother that read "NO IM & who is
What?! From the mother that sat there while I first met her. And then said I could IM with Nanoers...????? Maybe it was my dad. But I am sorely disappointed. I found my Word War yesterday most productive *sighs deeply*

And I use the word "sigh" too much. I'm censoring from my writing lest I wind up with a novel where "sigh" is found every three spaces.

Getting upset about contradicting statements now. And this spellcheck on FireFox is bwroke (Misspelling intended). What, do we have it set to recognize German or something?

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